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TeknoDome is growing organization based out of Dubai, UAE. The company started its journey as a trading company in 2008. Over the past decade the company as grown into organization dealing with global brands as distribution partner. The motive was to leave footprints on the sands of time and to mark the Consumer Electronics industry with its presence. To say that the motive has been achieved would be an understatement. TeknoDome has made multifaceted progress in a short span of time. TeknoDome’s philosophy is ‘quality product at best price while ensuring excellent customer service’.

With just over 12 years of being in business, TeknoDome has established its presence with offices in UAE, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan & Nigeria and has become one of the leading suppliers of branded consumer electronics and IT products. TeknoDome is directly associated with leaders in global brands in these two product categories. It has strong relationship with Daewoo, Hansa, JVC, Kenwood, LG, Pioneer, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba. TeknoDome serves markets in Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), UAE, India & Africa.

TeknoDome recently launched its own Consumer Durables, Home Appliances and Accessories brand ‘Elista’ in India and soon aspires to launch it in the other parts of the world, starting with Dubai, UAE.

Traditional in its business values yet cosmopolitan by the approach, TeknoDome prides itself by consciously taking in people from different ethnicity into its fold and welcoming them with open arms. We truly believe that we are united in our diversity and believe that this vibrant team is the backbone of our company.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our mission is to be a Trusted Channel partner that creates values for suppliers and consumers in the global markets we serve. Global reach, innovative approach and extensive knowledge of the markets enable us to deliver value across the channel while building trust with our partners.

Our vision is to be the one of top 5 distributors of Consumer Electronics & IT Products in the UAE by creating new markets in MENA, Eastern Europe, Commonwealth of Independent State (CIS) and Asia.

Value for our partners – suppliers & end consumers. Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships. Strive for excellence in all that we do as an organization. GLOCAL focus (Think Global & Act Local).


CMD Message

From a very humble beginning in Consumer Electronics industry, TeknoDome has had a remarkable journey over the course of past decade. During this we have emerged from a Business Unit to an organisation with a purpose,strategy & team that is focussed on delivering the best. Through an ongoing process of evolution, we have become a strong and unique organisation committed to market leadership in the businesses & markets where we operate & invest. With an asset of a team of experienced, qualified & dedicated business professionals in our variou business units today, we are fully equipped to meet the demands of global marketplace.

Change is the only constant in life. We at TeknoDome embrace change proactively. We do not wait to react. Be it process, system or people, we strive for continuous improvements in our day to day business. The idea is to extend benefits to our distributors, dealers, trading partners, end consumers and our people – our employees. We support and encourage a diverse workplace which is purely based on meritocracy, performance and results. We work hard, play hard and share our success with the world around us. Despite being hard core professionals from varied nationalities, the atmosphere at TeknoDome reflects the comfort and freedom of family.

I personally believe that the quality product and best service at the most competitive price is the only winning formula in my business. I am proud of the fact that we are recognized in market by our partners – suppliers, customers, vendors and even competitors. I try to do things appropriately and righteously even in the face of adversity by believing strongly in the core values of honesty, integrity and accountability. I am confident that our group will see constant growth and scale even greater heights in coming times.

I thank you for your time to visit our site.

Warm Regards,

Saket Gaurav

Senior Leadership

Mr. Saket Gaurav

Chairman & Managing Director

Saket is an NRI based out of UAE with over 23 years of experience in distribution of various leading brands in the dynamic markets of CIS, MENA, Asia & Far East. The man known behind the success of many brands in more than 25 countries, he is a man on fire who feels passionately about creating an Indian brand challenging the global brands in design, innovation & quality. Fueled by this vision, after the huge success of TeknoDome in Dubai, he made a foray into creating yet another brand – Elista.

With rich experience and a clear strategic vision, he is focused on driving operational excellence. Tenacity, vision and determination is his recipe for success as he strives to turn adverse circumstances into favorable ones and turn them into rocking success.

His team lauds him for his great qualities such as compassion, adaptability and decency. His mantra is to be driven by excellence - with his tenacity, vision and determination as the backbone, and strive to turn adverse circumstances into favorable ones and turn them into rocking success.

Mr. Ashok Dorairajan

Chief Operating Officer

Ashok is responsible for the strategic direction and planning for the company. He has over 20+ years of rich industry experience engaging with large multinationals– where he held consulting, advisory and leadership roles.

A certified Black Belt champion in Six Sigma, Ashok has done his MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles, USA. Highly experienced in Supply Chain Management, Financial Planning & Analysis and Operations management he has been the force behind transformational success of the organization.



  • Our purpose is to create value to both principles and our channel partners
  • Our vision to become one of top 5 distributors of consumer electronics & IT products
  • Our objective is to build a positive image based on quality, reliability and trust


  • Growing Markets - North Africa, CIS Markets, Eastern Europe
  • Authorized Distribution rights to sell in the target markets
  • Build an excellent Sales Marketing & Distribution Team
  • Strong back-office operations - Finance & Accounting, Strategic Sourcing & Logistics
  • Strong Financial Partners


  • Lead and manage the team by relevant KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Focus on market analysis and forecast accuracy
  • Strong & efficient strategic sourcing
  • Performance based culture - Hire, Motivate, Retain the best talent
  • Active presence in the markets we serve
  • Product & market diversification


  • Taking brands to the end consumers
  • Driven by innovation & engineering
  • Where brands meet the consumers
  • World class service at your doorstep

Careers at TeknoDome

Right talent is the lifeline of any organisation and more so with a vibrant company like TeknoDome. We provide just the right environment for our employees to come on board, explore, take lead and grow with us. The boundless growth opportunities and exposure to cutting-edge entrepreneurship gives one all possible learning. Our work environment is built around trust, excellence, global working environment and ample opportunities to learn & grow.

At TeknoDome, we have created an environment of constant reward and recognition at all levels which works as fuel to power our dreams and ensures each and every Shaarkian works towards the common organisation's goals.

Moreover, we work hard and party harder. Our energy & spirit gets translated into the best of products, services and experience at any touch point that the company has.


Thank you for expressing your interest to be a part of our organisation. Please submit your details. We will get back to you when there is a suitable position for you.





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